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  • Three-Point Stance: Forget 'Title,' Green Bay is 'Turnaround' Town

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 2 days ago

    Last season, the Packers were the meat in the grinder. Staring with Jordy Nelson’s season-ending injury in the Preseason and punctuated with wretched efforts from Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, once fantasy fruitful Green Bay spoiled. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza detail just how big the bounce backs will be by the Bay.

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    Thanks to Jordy’s absence, Lacy’s drop off and the embarrassment that was Adams, Aaron Rodgers suffered his worst fantasy season as a starter finishing QB14 in points per game. Is the following statement BELIEVE or MAKE BELIEVE: Mr. Munn immediately regains his 2014 mojo, totals at least 40 combined scores and finishes atop the QB ranks. 

    Shockingly, there are some in the fantasy community who are bashful when it comes to drafting Jordy Nelson. At his 16.1 ADP (WR9) is the recovered wideout OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED?

  • Three-Point: After Peterson is Minnesota a frigid fantasy wasteland?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 3 days ago

    Brrrrrrrr! As witnessed in last year’s playoffs against Seattle, Minneapolis is a place where beers freeze, faces numb and serious shrinkage occurs. However, moving into cozier digs this season, the Vikings hope to Christen their new stadium with ample wins. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza pick through the ice in an attempt to uncover fantasy value outside Adrian Peterson.

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    At 31 and with 2,619 career touches on his resume, Adrian Peterson isn’t exactly a lightly driven luxury vehicle. Though he still routinely clocking 4.45-4.52 40-yard times, on a scale of 1-10 with one being catching gentle passes from Drew Brees and 10 being acting as Vince Wilfork’s Slip ‘n Slide, how afraid are you of investing a Round 1 pick in Peterson? 

    To me, the biggest downside of drafting AP is that he’s going to cost you two roster spots. If you’re cool with that… then feel free to select ALL DAY.

  • Three-Point Stance: Gauging Golden in a post-Calvin world

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 5 days ago

    Shoes fit for a giant. That’s what Golden Tate in the wake of Calvin Johnson’s retirement will attempt to fill. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza push the pedal to the metal, touching on the fantasy potential of Detroit’s remaining standouts.

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    Megatron’s ride toward the sunset paves the way for Tate to be Matthew Stafford’s weapon of choice. Most agree he’ll entice at least 140 targets this fall, but common ground about his TD total is a different story. OVER/UNDER 6.5 end-zone dances for Tate this fall. 

    Mark me down for eight TDs. Overall, Tate is slightly undervalued at his 32.0 (WR20) ADP.

    Stafford is the definition of a quarterback who historically has done so little with so much. Still, thrust into a situation in which he should once again cross the 600-attempt line, predict the passer’s final season line (ATTS-PYDS-TDs-INTs-RYDS-RTD) and offer reasoning.

    Liz – 601-4143-26-15-129-1

  • Three-Point Stance: Is Langford's predicted demise premature?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 6 days ago

    Ditka. Polish sausage. Deep dish. Andy Behrens. Nasal-y accents. Chicago is known for many things. Though the Cubs are making a strong case to win over the Windy City’s heart, the Bears remain at the center of the sports core. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza raise an Old Style and discuss fantasy prospects among the Monsters of the Midway.

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    A lead balloon. That’s what Jeremy Langford has resembled over the last several weeks. Once a perceived Round 3 pick in 12-team formats in May, his ADP has slipped into the 60s. John Fox’s RBBC history and recent chatter Jordan Howard and Ka’Deem Carey will carve out sizable roles has Langford’s worth skidding. PICK ‘EM! Come year’s end, which Bears RB will be desired most: LANGFORD, HOWARD or CAREY? 

    Bull rush Brad @YahooNoise and Liz @LizLoza_FF on Twitter.

  • Three-Point Stance: Is top-seven too high for Ezekiel Elliott?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 9 days ago

    This year, the Star represents much anticipation. Ezekiel Elliott enters his rookie campaign with extraordinary expectations. Meanwhile, Tony Romo’s return signals a sizable Dez Bryant rebound. Should owners temper their excitement? In this edition of the ‘Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza strap on spurs and dig in on all things Cowboys.

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    DRAFT DILEMMA. It’s rare a rookie, regardless of position, comes in with marked fanfare, but that’s certainly the case with Ezekiel Elliott (9.2 ADP, RB4). Primarily selected well inside Round 1 of 12-team drafts, no matter PPR or standard, the Ohio St. product is predicted to bear many fruits. Imagine you’re gifted the seventh overall pick in a .5 PPR, redraft format. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson and Todd Gurley are off the board. At that pick, should you BUY or FLY on Elliott? 

  • Three-Point Stance: Are expectations inflated for Jones, Cousins?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 10 days ago

    Move over Lincoln and Jefferson, if Kirk Cousins carries over momentum from last year’s scintillating string of performances, Washingtonians may soon erect a memorial in his honor. In this edition of the ‘Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza discuss the QB’s 2016 prospects alongside fellow national treasures Matt Jones and Josh Doctson. Salute!

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    Jones (57.4 ADP, RB22), after a rocky rookie season marred by fumbles and blown goal-line opportunities, has created a schism in the fantasy community. Though much disputed, he is slated to shoulder the load this fall. BELIEVE or MAKE BELIEVE: Jones silences his critics, refuses to relinquish the starting gig and finishes inside the RB top-20 in total production. 

    Liz – 46-598-5

    Brad – 55-738-6

    Bull rush Brad @YahooNoise and Liz @LizLoza_FF on Twitter.

  • Three-Point Stance: Giant seasons in store for Eli, Shepard?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 12 days ago

    Benefiting from an exploitable Giants defense, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham continued to stake their claim as one of the league’s nastiest QB/WR combinations. Adding help sharp-cutting rookies Sterling Shepard and Paul Perkins to the mix, the Giants sport several draftable fantasy assets. In this edition of the ‘Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza take a bite out of the Big Apple and quantify New York’s top options.

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    With brother Peyton presumably tanning his enormous forehead somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico, younger Eli is the lone Manning still standing. Off his second straight No. 10 finish among QBs, OVER or UNDER final fantasy rank at the position this fall 10.5? (OVER means outside the top-10. UNDER, the opposite).  

    Liz– UNDERVALUED. “You gotta fade the Giants’ backfield. It’s jut too crowded. Plus, Jennings is old and brittle” I love when a narrative takes off and creates awesome value for fearless owners.

  • Fantasy NFL Over/Under: Will Lacy's slimmer frame resurrect career?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 20 days ago

    Fantasy is a speculative game. Predict the future and you look like a genius. Don’t and you’re painfully human. Gazing into the crystal ball, here’s a six-pack of players, off lousy seasons, who could soon hit the comeback trail. 

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    Fitter, trimmer Eddie Lacy, who reportedly shed several folds this offseason doing P90X, total yards this fall 1099.5.

    Brandon –OVER. Are we really asking that much here? He was well over this mark his first two seasons, and, while Lacy looked out of shape last season, I’m giving the entire offense a pass as nobody looked good sans Jordy Nelson and behind that patchwork offensive line.

    And, by the way, James Starks is a backup. We can safely leave him out of the conversation here.

    Scott – OVER. Last year’s awful showing leaves a mark, and Derrick Henry is likely to take a major share of the workload.

  • Three-Point Stance: Can DeMarco avoid fantasy disaster in Tennessee?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 24 days ago

    In recent seasons, Tennessee was a location where fantasy value went to die. Now brimming with quality talent, it could soon rival the Steve McNair/Eddie George/Derrick Mason/Frank Wycheck glory days.

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    Reheated fried fish. That’s what DeMarco Murray resembled last year in Philadelphia. Now out from underneath Chip Kelly’s oppressive thumb, he is hoping to rekindle the magic from his pace-setting 2014. Currently going at a very affordable price in average leagues (59.3 ADP, RB23), BELIEVE or MAKE BELIEVE Murray returns to top-15 form this fall?

    The Titans offensive line must advance, but it’s conceivable he lands in the RB12-RB15 range amassing some 1,100-1,200 total yards and 6-8 TDs. He may be the graying steak in the meat case, but the ‘manager’s special’ is worth the risk at his current ADP.

  • Freak Show Pod: Scorching takes on Zeke, Cooper and Cobb

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 25 days ago

    On this patriotic edition of the program (Listen to it here), Brandon Funston and Brad Evans square off on several topics. Our talkative tandem address headlines on Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and Julius Thomas. They also offered their most undervalued and overvalued picks, revealed what player will likely rocket up owner wishlists this preseason and answered your keeper questions.

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    Before you light that wick, lend an ear. Training camp is just around the corner.

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