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  • First Down: Forget future, for Gordon, Gurley and Cooper fantasy stardom is now

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 day ago

    Fantasy players always fear the unknown.

    To the skittish, shelling out even a mid-round pick for an inexperienced player, no matter the situation, is akin to diving into a deep unexplored lagoon knowing there are only two legitimate outcomes – 1) Discovering a hidden treasure, 2) Encountering an amphibious humanoid with an affinity for brunettes and murder.  


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    Over the past few seasons, those who dared to invest in the services of a Robert Griffin III , Eddie Lacy or Odell Beckham found instant riches. Those who didn’t suffered a fate far worse than any "Gill-man" attack, league-wide embarrassment.

    Not long ago, drafting a rookie anytime before Round 5 was widely perceived as taboo. Circumvent useful veteran talent for unproven upside was the fantasy equivalent of swallowing a cyanide pill.

    However, that viewpoint has changed.

    Hey, the NFL is a copycat league after all.



  • Sophomore Sensations: Cooks, Bridgewater, Bryant among several Year 2 fantasy breakouts

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 5 days ago

    Unless you’re a freakish wide receiver (e.g. Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin) who transitioned seamlessly to the professional level, Year 2 can be a seminal moment for a player’s career. Playbooks that seemed complicated the season before become second nature. Game speed slows. Potential unlocks ... From the mouths of the Yahoo fanalysts, here are their top sophomore sensations poised to take a step forward in 2015. Jinxes be damned. 

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  • First Down: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit must-watch backfield battles

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 6 days ago

    Disclaimer: The article below first published July 9. With training camps opening next week, the piece has been updated and repurposed per editorial's request. Please continue spewing your vitriol in the comments below. 

    In a little over a week, gridiron warriors from across the country will trade in leisure attire for spikes, pads and helmets. Eye black will adorn faces. A motivation for greatness will consume minds.

    Battles are about to begin.

    Gamers are itching to watch it all unfold. 

    1. Atlanta Falcons – Tevin Coleman (88.8 Yahoo ADP) vs. Devonta Freeman (126.5) vs. Antone Smith (NA)

    Fearless Forecast:  Coleman forces a 60-40 split by Week 5 and finishes with fringe top-20 numbers in 12-team leagues. 

    2. Dallas Cowboys – Joseph Randle (86.9) vs. Darren McFadden (105.8) vs. Lance Dunbar (NA) vs. Ryan Williams vs. ‘Rowdy’ the Mascot

    Fearless Forecast: Randle registers 14-16 touches per game out of the gate with McFadden adding 8-12 and Dunbar 6-8. The projected starter finishes in the RB21-RB24 range come January.  

    3. Detroit Lions – Joique Bell (89.5) vs. Ameer Abdullah (107.5) vs. Theo Riddick (NA)


  • First Down: Luck, Lynch, Brown among fantasy's safest players to draft this season

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 7 days ago

    Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a fundamental theory in human developmental psychology. On a pyramid scale, it represents the necessary motivations (basic physiological needs, esteem, love and belongingness, etc.) we must address in order to reach self-actualization, self-transcendence and live a fulfilled life.

    Deep stuff, bro.

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    Of all its steps, none is more applicable to fantasy owners than safety.

    From stepping on a plane to staking little Timmy’s college money in blackjack, we all take chances daily. Some risks result in reward. Others destitution.  Hey, it’s the game we play.

    Fantasy football is no exception.

    For the sake of your well-being and personal/financial security, here are six players typically going in the first three rounds of 12-team drafts who likely won’t let you down:

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  • Spin Doctors: Should you draft Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger after top QBs are gone?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 8 days ago

    For our crew, after Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, there's a strong debate regarding which QB should come next in 2015 fantasy drafts. Brad Evans leans toward 'Forehead Frankenstein,' Peyton Manning (34.5 Yahoo ADP, QB4), who's looking to recover from a slow finish last fall in Denver. Meanwhile, Brandon Funston loves him some Ben Roethlisberger (51.7, QB7), who's looking to match last year's top-five production. Read their cases below and declare a winner in the comments section. 

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    It's undeniable, Denver's elder statesman deserves your vote.  

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  • First Down: McCoy, Marshall, Benjamin among players falling in early fantasy drafts

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 12 days ago

    Stock volatility is ever-present this time of the year. Any player blurb – arrest, suspension, potential holdout, hamstring tweak – can greatly swing fantasy perception in the eyes of potential investors.

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    Those already knee-deep in mock drafting are fully aware of the ADP alterations currently taking place. Though training camp is still a couple weeks away, a number of previously treasured commodities are now considered trash, victims of untimely, damaging news.

    Sifting through the cesspool, here are six players tumbling down the mountainside according to Fantasy Football Calculator: 

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    More fantasy football advice from Yahoo Sports

  • First Down: Robinson, Spiller, Palmer quickly climbing the ADP ladder

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 14 days ago



    “Trusting a blindfolded Tim Couch as your darts partner is more fruitful.”

    This is how many in the fantasy community describe July drafts.

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    Though exercises well before battles are determined seem frivolous, to the serious gamer they provide invaluable insight into market trends, developments which help owners map appropriate strategies. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. And in a game where one mid-round pick could make all the difference come playoff time it never hurts to get a leg up.

    Combing over ADP charting data provided by Fantasy Football Calculator, here’s a six-pack of players leaping rounds in recent drafts:

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  • First Down: Steve Smith one of several WR seniors with gas-in-tank

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 22 days ago

    Welcome to the research season.

    Soon some 50 million fantasy maniacs will thumb through volumes of scouting reports, stats and trends to put themselves in a position to CRUSH the competition. Questions, some rhetorical and some not, will be bandied about in an attempt to separate the loved from the loathed. Can C.J. Anderson thrive in Gary Kubiak’s zone-blocking scheme? Is Tevin Coleman, battling Devonta Freeman and Antone Smith for the Falcons’ starting gig, worth the dice roll in the middle rounds? Was Martavis Bryant’s spectacular rookie stretch a mirage? Is it possible for Geno Smith to not royally suck?

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    Dilemmas …

    However, of all the characteristics weighed, none is more divisive than date-of-birth.

    Fearless Forecast: 73 receptions, 1,011 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns 

    Fearless Forecast: 80 receptions, 1,006 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns  

    Fearless Forecast: 69 receptions, 917 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns 


  • NFL Over/Under: Are early drafters overreaching for Randle?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 26 days ago

    Fantasy is a speculative game. Predict the future, and you look like a genius. Don't, and you're painfully human. Gazing into the crystal ball, here's our view on 10 intriguing rookie over/unders for the upcoming season.

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    In a recent full-point, 12-team industry draft, Joseph Randle was plucked in Round 3 (No. 32 overall). Equally mind-blowing, according to Fantasy Football Calculator his draft stock has spiked a full five rounds since late May (40.4 ADP, RB20), leaving potential investors wondering if there is enough 'meat on the bone.' With that in mind, Randle finishes among fantasy RBs this fall 24.5.

    Andy – OVER. C'mon. He carried the ball just 51 times last season. You can't reasonably assume that his per-touch production would be the same (or close) at a much larger workload. And anyway, this backfield reeks of RBBC. Picking him in the third round is the sort of "LOOK AT ME!" thing that sometimes happens in industry leagues, but it's silly.

  • Overlooked Arian Foster could prove to be a bargain come fantasy draft time

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    Despite four top-five running back finishes in his past five seasons, Arian Foster is quite possibly the most dissed fantasy RB in early drafts. A high-odometer reading, past injuries and Houston's uncertainty at quarterback has owners cool on the former rush king. Though some trepidation is warranted, his average second-round price tag (15.5 ADP)  in Yahoo exercises isn't. Coach Bill O'Brien's recent words explain why:

    "You can rest assured that as long as [Arian] is healthy and he’s out there, we will run the ball. I can tell you that."

    Ask yourself, why spend a high pick on Le'Veon Bell, knowing he's going to miss three games, when you could pair an ultra-reliable Andrew Luck with Foster?

    Score the duo and you'll surely dance awkwardly like Tom Brady come year's end.

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