Brad Evans

  • Three-Point Stance: Will Watkins, McCoy pay fantasy bills in Buffalo?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 day ago

    Rex Ryan’s theme song is “Hot in Herre.” But please Rex, don’t take off all your clothes. Pressure is mounting for the second-year Buffalo coach to lead a winner and challenge New England for a division crown. Though odds of the ‘Fightin’ Jim Kellys’ achieving that are rather long, they feature a handful of titillating fantasy players. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza circle the wagons and discuss key Bills.

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    According to the horse’s mouth, Sammy Watkins is nearing 100 percent after undergoing foot surgery earlier in the offseason. Because pedal-related setbacks can linger, should fantasy investors BUY or FLY on the wide receiver at his 29.1 (WR17) ADP?

    Tyrod Taylor was a poor man’s Cam Newton last season. His dual-threat abilities, accuracy and go-deep willingness catapulted him into the QB top-10. At his 139.4 (QB16) price, is the passer OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED.

  • Three-Point Stance: Marshall, Decker exhale with Fitz's return

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 2 days ago

    In an on-again, off-again relationship reminiscent of Ross and Rachael from ‘Friends,’ Jets management and Ryan Fitzpatrick finally exchanged vows after a months-long impasse. Now with the Magic back and given the team’s proposed RBBC, a number of prominent fantasy names have lingering question marks. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Dalton Del Don touch on all things J-E-T-S!

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    Writers close to the organization reported in recent days Matt Forte’s workload will be curtailed this year, prompting concerns a timeshare system will be implemented. OVER/UNDER average touches per game for the former Bear 14.9?

    Now with Fitzpatrick finally under contract, Brandon Marshall owners can exhale. So, is the wide receiver OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED at his current 26.1 (WR13) ADP?

  • Three-Point Stance: Is Foster's arrival a death knell for Ajayi?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 4 days ago

    Entering 2015 with high expectations, the Dolphins quickly became shark chum. Underwhelming performances on both sides of the ball dragged down the franchise. With Adam Gase now behind the wheel, there’s renewed optimism on South Beach. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza layer the sunscreen and soak up various fantasy situations in Miami.

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    Not long ago, Jay Ajayi was a popular breakout candidate. However, Arian Foster’s signing July 18 greatly complicated matters. Though Ajayi is still very affordable at his 60.8 (RB23) ADP, should owners PANIC or exercise PATIENCE with the sophomore RB? 

    Foster’s appearance in preseason games will determine exactly how viable he is, but I have a sneaky suspicion he will eventually surpass the overrated Ajayi on the team’s depth chart.

    Liz – 95-1,048-5

    Brad – 101-1089-7 (6 receiving, 1 rushing)

  • Josh Gordon conditionally reinstated, fantasy community flips

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 5 days ago

    The long-awaited shoe has dropped.

    Josh Gordon, off a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s terribly antiquated drug policy, should return to the field this season. His conditional reinstatement doesn’t officially kick in until Week 5, effectively suspending the receiver four games, but he is allowed to participate in training camp and team meetings. The added practice time and involvement in team activities is immeasurable, especially given the likely rust accumulated during his prolonged absence.

    News of his expected return couldn’t be more timely for fantasy owners. With the heart of the draft season right around the corner, Gordon goes from late-round lottery ticket to Round 6-7 ‘reach’ in 12-team formats. PPR leaguers may dislocate shoulders a little earlier given the format.

    At this point, it’s appropriate to get down with the Brown in the Michael Floyd/Eric Decker/Donte Moncrief tier of your draft. Stave off the wacky tobacky and Gordon will finally shed his one-year-wonder image.

    Thank you Roger Goodell for being sensible, for once.

  • Three-Point Stance: How deflated is Brady's fantasy value?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 5 days ago

    Mercifully, DefateGate has reached its end. Since Tom Brady is guaranteed to miss the first four games of the regular season, questions loom about exactly how fast the Patriots will start off the blocks with Jimmy Garropolo at the controls. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Scott Pianowski load up their muskets and fire shots about New England’s most discussed fantasy commodities.

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    Rejoice! Discussions about Tom Brady and emasculated balls are finally over. With arguably the most ridiculous episode in NFL history now in the rear view and Brady shelved four games, is the future HOFer, in his Age 39 season, OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED at his current 98.2 (QB7) ADP?  

  • Three-Point Stance: Forget 'Title,' Green Bay is 'Turnaround' Town

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 8 days ago

    Last season, the Packers were the meat in the grinder. Staring with Jordy Nelson’s season-ending injury in the Preseason and punctuated with wretched efforts from Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, once fantasy fruitful Green Bay spoiled. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza detail just how big the bounce backs will be by the Bay.

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    Thanks to Jordy’s absence, Lacy’s drop off and the embarrassment that was Adams, Aaron Rodgers suffered his worst fantasy season as a starter finishing QB14 in points per game. Is the following statement BELIEVE or MAKE BELIEVE: Mr. Munn immediately regains his 2014 mojo, totals at least 40 combined scores and finishes atop the QB ranks. 

    Shockingly, there are some in the fantasy community who are bashful when it comes to drafting Jordy Nelson. At his 16.1 ADP (WR9) is the recovered wideout OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED?

  • Three-Point: After Peterson is Minnesota a frigid fantasy wasteland?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 9 days ago

    Brrrrrrrr! As witnessed in last year’s playoffs against Seattle, Minneapolis is a place where beers freeze, faces numb and serious shrinkage occurs. However, moving into cozier digs this season, the Vikings hope to Christen their new stadium with ample wins. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza pick through the ice in an attempt to uncover fantasy value outside Adrian Peterson.

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    At 31 and with 2,619 career touches on his resume, Adrian Peterson isn’t exactly a lightly driven luxury vehicle. Though he still routinely clocking 4.45-4.52 40-yard times, on a scale of 1-10 with one being catching gentle passes from Drew Brees and 10 being acting as Vince Wilfork’s Slip ‘n Slide, how afraid are you of investing a Round 1 pick in Peterson? 

    To me, the biggest downside of drafting AP is that he’s going to cost you two roster spots. If you’re cool with that… then feel free to select ALL DAY.

  • Three-Point Stance: Gauging Golden in a post-Calvin world

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 11 days ago

    Shoes fit for a giant. That’s what Golden Tate in the wake of Calvin Johnson’s retirement will attempt to fill. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza push the pedal to the metal, touching on the fantasy potential of Detroit’s remaining standouts.

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    Megatron’s ride toward the sunset paves the way for Tate to be Matthew Stafford’s weapon of choice. Most agree he’ll entice at least 140 targets this fall, but common ground about his TD total is a different story. OVER/UNDER 6.5 end-zone dances for Tate this fall. 

    Mark me down for eight TDs. Overall, Tate is slightly undervalued at his 32.0 (WR20) ADP.

    Stafford is the definition of a quarterback who historically has done so little with so much. Still, thrust into a situation in which he should once again cross the 600-attempt line, predict the passer’s final season line (ATTS-PYDS-TDs-INTs-RYDS-RTD) and offer reasoning.

    Liz – 601-4143-26-15-129-1

  • Three-Point Stance: Is Langford's predicted demise premature?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 12 days ago

    Ditka. Polish sausage. Deep dish. Andy Behrens. Nasal-y accents. Chicago is known for many things. Though the Cubs are making a strong case to win over the Windy City’s heart, the Bears remain at the center of the sports core. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza raise an Old Style and discuss fantasy prospects among the Monsters of the Midway.

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    A lead balloon. That’s what Jeremy Langford has resembled over the last several weeks. Once a perceived Round 3 pick in 12-team formats in May, his ADP has slipped into the 60s. John Fox’s RBBC history and recent chatter Jordan Howard and Ka’Deem Carey will carve out sizable roles has Langford’s worth skidding. PICK ‘EM! Come year’s end, which Bears RB will be desired most: LANGFORD, HOWARD or CAREY? 

    Bull rush Brad @YahooNoise and Liz @LizLoza_FF on Twitter.

  • Three-Point Stance: Is top-seven too high for Ezekiel Elliott?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 15 days ago

    This year, the Star represents much anticipation. Ezekiel Elliott enters his rookie campaign with extraordinary expectations. Meanwhile, Tony Romo’s return signals a sizable Dez Bryant rebound. Should owners temper their excitement? In this edition of the ‘Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza strap on spurs and dig in on all things Cowboys.

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    DRAFT DILEMMA. It’s rare a rookie, regardless of position, comes in with marked fanfare, but that’s certainly the case with Ezekiel Elliott (9.2 ADP, RB4). Primarily selected well inside Round 1 of 12-team drafts, no matter PPR or standard, the Ohio St. product is predicted to bear many fruits. Imagine you’re gifted the seventh overall pick in a .5 PPR, redraft format. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson and Todd Gurley are off the board. At that pick, should you BUY or FLY on Elliott?