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  • Buy on the bear, Gordon is about to turn a monster profit

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 day ago

    Buzz. After a disastrous rookie season, a campaign in which the “prized” RB averaged 3.5 yards per carry and failed to score a single TD, Melvin Gordon, motivated to snap the Wisconsin RB curse, reportedly looked healthy and spry in San Diego’s recent mini-camp. Off a microfracture procedure on his left knee, he eased concern about his durability and displayed burst reminiscent of his college days. Despite his downsides, those close to the team believe he’s primed for a breakthrough.

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    Why ‘Flash’ is the most undervalued RB in early drafts?

    Underlying data . From the curb, Gordon has the look of a money pit – broken windows, missing shingles, undesirable YPC, zero TDs. Invest in his services, critics contend, and not even the Property Brothers could rescue him from demolition.

    His ‘bones,’ though, are good.

    Buy low.

  • Freak Show Pod: Breaking down Charles, Carr and White values

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 3 days ago

    On this uptempo edition of the program, Brad Evans welcomes back his brother from another mother, Brandon Funston, with open arms. The pigskin prognosticators touch on several topics including worries about Jamaal Charles, rising confidence with Sammy Watkins and the building hype surrounding Tyler Lockett. 

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    Additionally, they declare whether Derek Carr, Jeremy Hill, Chris Ivory, Donte Moncrief and Kevin White are overvalued or undervalued at their current ADPs and answer your pressing Twitter questions.

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  • Fantasy Debate: Jeremy Hill vs. Jonathan Stewart

    Brad Evans at Brad Evans for Roto Arcade 5 days ago

    “Doctor? Doctor? Doctor?” In this rousing edition of ‘Spin Doctors,’ resident fantasy ‘spies’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza don stethoscopes and offer their diagnoses on mid-round rushers Jeremy Hill and Jonathan Stewart. Read each argument and declare a winner below. 

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    Evans hikes the Hill – After largely going as a top-10 back in drafts, Hill did his best Wil E. Coyote impersonation in 2015. Overly timid, rather stiff, easily assailable and demoralized by a brutal schedule, he plummeted off a cliff and bottomed out at RB22. If not for his 12 total touchdowns, he would’ve fared much, much worse. He experienced nosedives in yards per carry (’14: 5.1, ’15: 3.6), total yards (1,339, 873), tackles avoided per attempt (0.13, 0.11) and yards after contact (2.8, 2.0), puzzling downturns to say the least. His backbreaking fumble in the playoffs against rival Pittsburgh only exasperated the disappointment.

    This is hardly a debate folks.

  • Top-five fantasy passers late-round/2QB crowd should target

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 11 days ago

    Football in the early 20 th -centry, an era that featured no professional game, was gladiatorial in nature, a barbaric, teeth-gnashing exhibition dominated by bone-crushing runs, gruesome injuries and, in some instances, death. In 1905 alone, 19 players were killed.

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    Many at the time called for its banishment.

    In order for the sport to survive and advance, President Theodore Roosevelt, a prolific reformer and long-standing supporter of “rough games,” employed a forceful hand to enact necessary changes. Starting with a rules overhaul in 1906, including legalization of the much-debated forward pass, and subsequent alterations, the game eventually prospered into the multi-billion-dollar entity it is today.

    Thanks Bull Moose.

    When St. Louis University’s Bradbury Robinson completed the first legal forward pass over a century ago no one in a leather helmet could’ve imagined its evolution.

    Damn right, I "liked that."

  • 3-Point Stance: Will fantasy numbers be big for Texans?

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 15 days ago


    Uncertainty surrounding $72 million signee Brock Osweiler has many fantasy owners uneasy about the QB's impact on brand names DeAndre Hopkins and Lamar Miller. In this edition of 'The Stance,' Brad Evans and Liz Loza discuss Houston's fantasy relevant players over a few dozen Lone Stars. YEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!

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    Miller inked a rather lucrative four-year, $26 million deal ($14 million guaranteed) in March, a rarefied contract in this day and age of RB devaluation. Because the vet has limited competition for touches, many believe this will be the year he finally reaches peak potential. At his current 15.8 ADP (RB6), is the rusher OVERVALUED, UNDERVALUED or PROPERLY VALUED? Also, what are you statistical projections?

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  • First Down: Sophomore slumps, jumps aplenty among fantasy RBs

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 18 days ago

    Whether in fantasy or reality, every year, every season, every player is faced with the proverbial fork-in-the-road. Those who take the fruitful path are blessed with endless opulence and fantasy stardom. However, for those who choose the other road – AKA Sankey Street – misfortune, morose feelings and statistical ruin await.

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    Last year, sophomore running backs Devonta Freeman and Jeremy Hill went in opposite directions.

    What second-year rushers not named Todd Gurley and David Johnson – they’re obvious first-rounders people – will rise to the occasion this fall? Who will struggle like Sankey? Here’s a breakdown of this year’s Year 2 running back class:

    Fearless Forecast (assuming 16 Gs): 212 carries, 916 rush yards, 18 receptions, 154 receiving yards, 7 total touchdowns

    Fearless Forecast: 267 carries, 1,098 rushing yards, 28 receptions, 219 receiving yards, 8 total touchdowns


  • First Down: David Johnson must be first fantasy RB drafted

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    The Buzz: There's dissension in the ranks. After a year in which 58.3 percent of RB1s and RB2s failed to measure up (finishing within three spots of their respective tiers), an increasing number of drafters are abandoning the running theory for ZeroRB. Some stubborn fantasy strategists, though divided on which RB is deserving of top honors, continue to cling to traditional tactics. Le'Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Adrian Peterson and David Johnson are candidates for the distinction. The Desert Bird, however, is the one who should fall off draft boards first as an overall top-five pick.

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    Why the sophomore rusher is an oasis in the desert

    Pump up the volume. The "v" word is the most seductive expression in fantasy. The mere thought of a player getting his mitts on the ball some 300-plus times is e nthralling . Johnson is clearly that guy.

    In other words, Johnson is a true unicorn. 

    Trust him. 

  • Freak Show Pod: Spindly Sammy, climbing Jones, falling Freeman

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    On today's pedal-to-the-metal program, Brad Evans and Liz Loza discuss the hot fantasy football headliens from around the NFL – fallout from Sammy Watkins' latest setback, Doug Baldwin's "run more" comments and Matt Jones' ringing endorsement. 

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    Additionally, our pigskin prognosticators played a game of overvalued/undervalued deciding what side of the fence Tyrod Taylor, Devonta Freeman, Ameer Abdullah, Randall Cobb and Gary Barnidge are on. Plus, we answered your pressing Twitter questions. 

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  • Spin Doctors: Randall Cobb vs. Kelvin Benjamin

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    For all intents and purposes, wide receivers Randall Cobb (42.1 ADP, WR21) and Kelvin Benjamin (31.6 ADP, WR17) were on semi-permanent vacations in 2015. The lanky Panthers target missed the entire season due to a knee injury. Meanwhile, his contemporary, like the Packers offense as a whole, did backstrokes in a statistical cesspool. Which wideout will bounce back biggest this fall? Liz Loza and Brad Evans exchange pleasantries.

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    Loza butters up Cobb: More melty than sharp, 2015 proved to be a year most Cheddar Heads would rather not relive. Falling from the sixth most prolific squad in 2014 to the twenty-sixth ranked offense this past year, the Packer’s found themselves uncharacteristically shredded on more than a few occasions. From Jordy Nelson’s season-long absence to Eddie Lacy’s ballooning waistline, Green Bay’s obstacles were many. Unfortunately, they also contributed to Cobb’s dip in production.


  • First Down: Ezekiel Elliott's fantasy critics don't like winning

    Brad Evans at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    The Buzz: After the Dallas Cowboys selected Ezekiel Elliott with the No. 4 overall pick, the fantasy community became instantly divided. Zeke zealots contend he's a legitimate first-round pick, a presumed high-volume rusher placed in an ideal situation. Naysayers, however, argue he's an unproven product destined to ruin your fake franchise as a committee rusher. Yours truly, like most industry folks, unequivocally sides with the former group. 

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    Why sinking a first-rounder in the rookie isn't Looney Tunes  

    Bottom Line: It's virtually impossible not to like Elliott. Naturally those who fly the #TeamRaisins flag will express their fears of the unknown, but 18 first-year running backs have finished inside the RB top-12 since 2000. Spectacular showings during a rusher's inaugural campaign are far from atypical.