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  • Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant find Stephen Curry's defense funny

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 1 day ago

    When you're the unanimous MVP and the greatest shooter in history, everything about your game gets glorified, which is probably why Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry picked up three First Team All-Defensive votes, even though backcourt mate Klay Thompson generally draws the tougher guard.

    And when Curry came up with a clutch steal against Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant that all but iced a 120-111 victory in the waning moments of Game 5, Durant and teammate Russell Westbrook were asked by ESPN reporter Michelle Steele whether the NBA's steals leader was "underrated as a defender."

    The question was a good one, because it drew a glorious response from both Westbrook and Durant.

    About Westbrook's laugh: He loathes complimenting other players. It's a no-no question for him. Think that's where it came from.

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    "But, you know, I like our matchup with him guarding Russ."

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  • Social politics: Toronto city councilor roasted by Cavs Twitter

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    After dropping two games in disappointing fashion to the Raptors in Toronto, the Cavaliers posted to the team's Twitter account a video of several players citing the urgency needed in Cleveland on Wednesday, under this LeBron James quote: "Going back home we have to play a lot better, and I think we will."

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    To which Toronto city councilor Norm Kelly responded with a gif of a finger-wagging Bismack Biyombo:


    The Cavs blowout win tonight sent a message to the Raptors, that there is no way they can win this series.

    And so Cavs Twitter sent their counterpunch to the Drake of Toronto politics, reciprocating Kelly's troll. 

  • Draymond Green may or may not have intentionally tripped Enes Kanter

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Some 24 hours removed from escaping suspension for his swift kick to Steven Adams' apples, whether intentional or not, you may think Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green would be more careful.

    Count Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr among those who felt that way. "Draymond is going to have be very careful," he warned reporters before Game 4. "One Flagrant 1, and he'll be suspended."

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    So it did, with Green on the giving end in another leg-related tangle-up, this time with OKC's Enes Kanter.

    Not sure if it's to pump the crowd up or what, but Thunder keeeeeep showing Draymond trip of Kanter on big screen. We get it.

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  • Steven Adams considers protecting his groin from Draymond Green

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    In case you've been living under a rock for the past 16 hours, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was not suspended for Game 4, following another kick to Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams' groin, so the 7-foot New Zealander is considering taking steps to prevent any further damage.

    Steven Adams said he was considering wearing protective gear for Game 4 because of the frequency of hits to his sensitive area.

    Adams said he's going to consider wearing some protective gear "due to the consistency of the hits."

    And wouldn't you consider protection if someone's leg had found your nether regions twice in a week? As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, wear protective gear for your sensitive area.

    Fun fact: in New Zealand, a protective cup is called a box.

    Steven Adams: "I think we can beat them with or without" Draymond Green.

  • Toronto is winning, which can mean only 1 thing: Drake is chirping

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    In one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NBA conference finals history, the Raptors won two straight in Toronto to even their series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and that can mean only one thing.

    Drake is chirping again.

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    After the Cavs cleaned Toronto's clocks by a total of 50 points in Games 1 and 2, the rapper had gone Instagram silent, at least as far as basketball was concerned (he did find time to post a few pictures of himself and a summer tour schedule). That did not stop NBA Twitter from keeping him in the loop.

    Then, after the Raps turned the tides with a face-saving win in Game 3, Drake found his swag again.

    That would be a photo of Cavs star LeBron James crying into his open palms. How far Drake has come.

  • Video: Jeremy Lin gets winded in 1-on-1 against a young Icelander

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 5 days ago

    In case you were wondering, and surely you were, because what else would you be doing with your life, Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin is vacationing in Iceland after being bounced from the playoffs.

    When in Iceland, do as the Icelanders do, which is eat ice cream, apparently. Makes sense.

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    So, there's Jeremy, eating ice cream in Iceland, when a 14-year-old Icelandic boy by the name of Júlíus Orri Ágústsson  asks for his autograph, according to Iceland Magazine. As if a signature and a sundae weren't enough, the boy's mother challenged Lin to play her son in a friendly game of 1-on-1.

    The lesson: Never underestimate your opponent, especially if you meet him eating ice cream in Iceland.

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  • The painful history of groin shots involving 2016 NBA Playoff stars

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 5 days ago

    Surely you've seen the nut shot heard 'round the world by now.

    As the NBA mulls Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green's status for Game 4 — following his leg's second straight unwelcome visit to Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams' groin — we need look no further than hours earlier for the last disciplinary measure to protect the NBA's crown jewels.

    After all, seldom-used Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dahntay Jones earned himself a one-game ban for a tap to Toronto Raptors center Bismack Biyombo's testicles that was tough to detect, unless you're Biyombo. 

    But Green is far from seldom-used. He's Golden State's most important player not named Stephen Curry, and his loss for Game 4 could spell a third loss in four tries against Oklahoma City. In which case, uh-oh.

    (Some celebration, bemoans Crawford.)

    Jan. 28, 2011: Kevin Garnett taps Channing Frye's twins.


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  • Bismack Biyombo not afraid of LeBron James, is afraid of lions

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 8 days ago

    During Toronto's shootaround prior to Game 2, Raptors center Bismack Biyombo — the finger-wagging, rim-protecting big man with a chiseled frame and a 7-foot-6 wingspan — was apparently if he's afraid of LeBron James, as if Bismack Biyombo fears any man after growing up sans sneakers until the age of 16.

    "No I'm not and will never be," Biyombo responded, according to TSN beat writer Josh Lewenberg.

    "I'm never afraid of human beings," he added, which seems understandable given Biyombo's game.

    Any time anyone drops the phrase "human beings," you know stuff's about to get real. And real it got.

    Is Biyombo afraid of LeBron? "No I'm not & I will never be. I'm never afraid of human beings. I always joke with Kyle, I'm afraid of lions"

    So, yeah, of course Bismack Biyombo is afraid of lions.

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  • J.J. Redick on Kyle Lowry leaving court early: 'It is inexplicable'

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 8 days ago

    We've been here before. Sixteen days ago, to be exact.

    Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry was mired in a historically awful shooting slump following a Game 1 loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, so he spent all night searching a solution, shooting alone on the floor of an empty Air Canada Centre, and then shot 7-for-22 in Game 2.

    Only his Raptors salvaged Game 2 against the Heat. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a different beast — as they reminded everyone in another blowout victory on Thursday night — and Lowry is still searching.

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    It was the equivalent of shooting in an empty arena, only this time his therapy session came in-game.

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  • Pat Riley loves Hassan Whiteside as much as Whiteside loves cake

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 9 days ago

    Everyone loves red velvet cake, but nobody worships the delicious dessert quite like Hassan Whiteside.

    The recovering Miami Heat center's chef whipped up a dyed chocolate layer cake covered in cream cheese fit for a 7-footer, and Whiteside dubbed the dessert "church" after he'd eaten two-thirds of it.

    In a series of Snapchat videos cobbled together by Instagram user houseofhighlights, Whiteside offers up communion in the form of cake to his friends before eating another slice to the tune of Hozier's "Take Me To Church" and sending the remains "back to the heavens" from the balcony of his high-rise penthouse.

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    With his Heat now ousted from the playoffs following a seven-game series against the Toronto Raptors, Whiteside deserves a treat after a career year averaging a double-double with an NBA-best 3.7 blocks per game, especially if it makes him feel any better having missed his final four games with a knee injury.

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