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  • Former Dolphins scout's wife has cystic fibrosis, claims team fired him for working from home

    Anwar S. Richardson at Shutdown Corner3 mths ago

    The Miami Dolphins are continuously making headlines for everything non-football related.

    Richie Incognito’s alleged mistreatment of former teammate Jonathan Martin became a national story last year. Mike Pouncey, who was accused of teaming up with Incognito to bully Martin, recently said he did have any regrets about what occurred last season. Dolphins defensive back Don Jones was disciplined by the team for expressing homophobic views about St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam during the NFL draft on Twitter.

    Miami’s controversy has moved to the front office.

    Former Dolphins scout Nate Sullivan sent an intent-to-initiate-litigation letter to the team and league, reports Fox Sports' Alex Marvez. Sullivan claims his firing violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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  • Johnny Manziel forced to sit in the dreaded middle seat during recent flight (photos)

    Anwar S. Richardson at Shutdown Corner3 mths ago

    Johnny Football is now Johnny Middle Seat.

    Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel created a firestorm after enjoying himself in Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend. Some NFL observers disapproved of a 21-year-old enjoying being single and enjoying himself in a party city. Maybe he should have stayed home and caught up on Game of Thrones instead?

    Well, there is a normal side to the popular football player.

    Manziel was forced to sit in a middle seat during a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. Maybe Manziel was too busy studying his playbook to check-in early.

    I know of one woman in Vegas who obviously didn't care he was there.

    Real nice guy. Glad I got to meet him! #gobrowns @JManziel2 @PTI

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  • Dolphins center Mike Pouncey does not have any regrets about last season

    Anwar S. Richardson at Shutdown Corner3 mths ago

    Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is portraying himself as a guy who just does not get it. Maybe he does and does not want to admit it publicly.

    Pouncey was one of the Dolphins players accused of harassing and bullying former teammate Jonathan Martin. Richie Incognito was the biggest violator named in the Ted Wells report, but Pouncey was accused of contributing to an unprofessional work environment that led to Martin leaving the team last season. Martin was traded to San Francisco, Incognito is still a free agent and Pouncey is still with the Dolphins.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Pouncey must undergo a mental evaluation before being allowed to play this season. Pouncey was asked about the NFL’s decision on Tuesday and voiced his displeasure with the resolution.

    “I have no clue, but I don’t think I need that. I don’t think I do,” Pouncey told the Miami Herald.

    Pouncey was later asked if he had any regrets about last season, and he definitely did not fall on his sword.

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  • Andy Reid believes Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith will receive a new contract

    Anwar S. Richardson at Shutdown Corner3 mths ago

    Kansas City coach Andy Reid is confident his organization will figure out a way to lock up quarterback Alex Smith.

    Honestly, it is not like the Chiefs really have a choice.

    San Francisco traded Smith to Kansas City for a second-round pick in 2013 and a conditional pick in 2014 that became a second-rounder once the Chiefs won eight games last season. The 49ers were ultimately able to obtain five players from that trade. It ended up being a great transaction for San Francisco, a team that was not going to play Smith over Colin Kaepernick.

    Smith is slated to earn $7.5 million this season, and will become a free agent in 2015. The Chiefs are currently negotiating a contract extension with Smith. Reid was a guest on NFL Network’s “NFL AM” show on Tuesday and believes Smith will be re-signed.

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  • Seahawks players (except Marshawn Lynch) have a blast during White House visit

    Anwar S. Richardson at Shutdown Corner3 mths ago

    President Barack Obama might be one of the most powerful men in the world, but he did not have enough influence to persuade running back Marshawn Lynch to travel with the Seattle Seahawks to the White House on Wednesday.

    Obama honored Seattle’s Super Bowl team, and Lynch was the most notable absentee during the ceremony.

    "I am sorry that Marshawn is not here, because I just wanted to say how much I admire his approach to the press," Obama said. "I wanted to get some tips from him. It’s about the action."

    Despite Lynch’s absence, the majority of players from that Super Bowl championship team were in attendance, and Obama even displayed a 12th Man banner to honor Seahawks fans.

    "We can’t talk about the Seahawks without talking about the 12th Man," Obama said. "Last season, ‘the 12s’ set a record not once, but twice, for the loudest crowd noise in history. Now, history is a long time, so that’s really loud. So loud on multiple occasions, they’ve actually created minor earthquakes, which is disturbing. And you should think about that.

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