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  • Daily Dime: Charlie Blackmon and a collection of Saturday bargains

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 9 days ago

    OK, let's roll those Lance Lynn profits into Saturday's slate of games. Per the usual protocol, we're looking for the days smartest buys and filthiest bargains. As always, we advise you to check the weather reports before committing to players. Let's invest...

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    Charlie Blackmon, OF, at SD (Ross), $20: No, Blackmon isn't available in the price range that we usually explore here in the Daily Dime. But it's worth mentioning the fact that Padres starter Tyson Ross has allowed the highest stolen base total in MLB to this point in the season (25), and Blackmon happens to have swiped 24 bags (third in the N.L.). Charlie is also ludicrously hot at the plate right now, with eight multi-hit games in his last nine (17-for-41). He's basically treating the majors like 12-inch beer league softball. Play him and profit.

    And while we're looking at pricier brand-name players...

  • Daily Dime: Jose Fernandez, Sonny Gray and an abundance of Billys

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 11 days ago

    And we're back. Everyone refreshed? Great. Yahoo's daily game has a full slate of contests , so let's sweep lineups, looking for bargain buys.

    Jose Fernandez, P, at Phi (Morgan), $32: After two starts, Fernandez appears to be the same dominant right-hander we'd grown to trust, pre-TJ surgery. He's given us 13.0 innings, allowing just three runs and no walks while striking out 15 batters. Fernandez's fastball is averaging 95.4 mph, so velocity isn't a worry. I can see no reason not to trust him in this spot, against MLB's only sub-.400 team.

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    Also worth noting, while we're talking Pirates: Andrew McCutchen has absolutely owned Fiers, going 6-for-16 with four homers, one walk and nine RBIs. At $19, he's a little too pricey to list among Friday's bargains, but that doesn't mean he can't help.

  • Daily Dime: Pollock, Hundley, Panda and other Sunday delights

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 16 days ago

    Be mindful of ballpark weather today, because we have some ugly splotches on the radar. Below you'll find a 10-pack of bargain DFS buys for Sunday's games. Please use responsibly.

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    Pablo Sandoval, 3B, vs. NYY (Eovaldi), $14: Panda's ownership of Eovaldi has been firmly established (12-for-17, HR, 10 RBIs). He hasn't been terrific this season, obviously, but right-handed pitching hasn't been the problem. He's slashing .301/.350/.466 against RHPs, but a disastrous .177/.198/.190 vs. lefties.

    A.J. Pollock, OF, at NYM (Niese), $12: Pollock has been a five-category machine all season, he reached base twice on Saturday, and he hasn't had much trouble with Niese in the past (4-for-6, double, RBI). Don't ask me to explain this price. Just point, click and enjoy.

  • Daily Dime: Mauer, Jaso and other Friday bargains

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 17 days ago

    If you haven't yet taken daily fantasy baseball for a test-drive, we encourage you to visit the Yahoo lobby and get yourself in the game — maybe with a free contest, maybe for $1. One-day games are the perfect complement to your season-long leagues.

    Below, you'll find a 10-pack of bargain plays for the Friday slate. None of the position players listed here will cost you more than $15, none of the pitchers are $45. You shouldn't need an expert to tell you that Madison Bumgarner ($57) seems like a strong play against the Phillies, or that Bryce Harper ($23) should have quality at-bats against Chris Tillman. Here, we hunt for the sort of low-cost value plays that allow you to squeeze Bumgarner or Haper or Trout or Pujols or whoever into your lineup. Got it? Great. Let's do this thing...

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    At this price, with the encouraging note, I'm sold.

  • Yahoo's daily fantasy game is open, and we have five tips to help you win

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 19 days ago

    You didn't seriously expect Yahoo Sports to ignore the daily fantasy boom, did you?

    No, of course you didn't. There's a reason we're the unrivaled leader in fantasy gaming:

    Brad Evans

    We innovate. [Sign up now for Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy Baseball!]

    Yahoo may not have invented traditional season-long fantasy gaming, but we got it right. The plan for daily fantasy is exactly the same. Our hope is to become your preferred home for DFS across the four major sports. Beginning today — right now , this minute — you can sign up for daily baseball at Yahoo and use your considerable fantasy skills to profit in a variety of one-day contests.

    1. Know your scoring settings


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    2. Vegas is your friend

  • Daily Dime: It's a good day for Dodgers, Phils

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 21 days ago

    We have a few small weather concerns on Monday — Kansas City certainly looks like a problem — but nothing we can't manage around. As always, be sure to double-check lineups before it's too late. Now let's get to the usual bargain hunt...

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    Joc Pederson, OF, vs. Phi (O'Sullivan), $3300 at FanDuel: Left-handed hitters have slashed .369/.424/.730 against O'Sullivan so far this season (41-for-111, 20 XBH), which is, of course, ridiculous. Seems like a good day to stack a few Dodgers LHBs, doesn't it? I'm rolling out 2-3 in pretty much all lineups.

    Yasmani Grandal, C, vs. Phi (O'Sullivan), $3200: Please see the Pederson blurb for details. Also note that Grandal has three multi-hit games in his last four starts.

  • Daily Dime: Wacha, Panda and other Friday delights

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 24 days ago

    I'm back from vacation, thrown immediately into the DFS fire. We have some wetness in the Friday forecast, so buyers beware. Prepare to tweak lineups as needed.

    [Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football is back: Sign up for a league today!]

    Michael Wacha, P, vs. SD (Cashner), $8600 at FanDuel: OK, sure, Kershaw is the best available starter on Friday, even if he's facing a pretty fair opposing starter (Syndergaard). But Kershaw is also Friday's priciest option, massively more expensive than Wacha, a guy with a 1.10 WHIP. St. Louis hosts the Pads, and San Diego enters the day ranked next-to-last in the N.L. in on-base percentage (.295).

    Pablo Sandoval, 3B, vs. Hou (Straily), $2400: Straily is obviously a hittable right-hander and Sandoval is slashing .314/.366/.492 against RHPs this year. Panda's performance versus lefties has been atrocious, as most of you know, but he's a quality option in this spot.

  • Football, wartime, and an uncommonly important fantasy league

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 24 days ago

    "We didn't mean to auto-draft,” says Justin C. Cliburn. “But the internet in Baghdad wasn't the most reliable."

    It was August of 2006. Cliburn was a specialist stationed at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, part of a security force (SECFOR) of Oklahoma Army National Guardsmen from the 1st Battalion, 158th Field Artillery regiment. His squad’s role was to escort civilian training contractors to Iraqi police stations, Cliburn serving as a Humvee gunner. [Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football is back: Sign up for a league today!] He also served, reluctantly and incongruously, as a first-year fantasy commissioner.

    “That season the guy who was supposed to run our league was stationed down in Diwaniyah [at Camp Echo],” recalls Cliburn. “He had next-to-no internet access, so I took over.”

    And still the league began with technical difficulties.

    “Yeah, internet cut out right before our draft began,” says Kevin Pyle, a founding member of the OklahomIraqis League. “Every team was auto-picked. Not Yahoo’s fault. That was Iraq.”


    After a pause:

  • Daily Dime: Papi and Panda, back in our fantasy plans

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    It's a loaded Monday schedule, which is nice, but we have a few meteorological complications. So please be prepared to tweak lineups as needed. Let's hunt for bargains...

    [Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football is back: Sign up for a league today!]

    David Ortiz, 1B, vs. Atl (Perez), $2500 at FanDuel: Ortiz, it seems, is finally getting himself right. He's 5-for-14 over his last four games with three homers, seven RBIs and four walks. On Monday, he'll face a young right-hander with a 1.44 WHIP. Left-handed batters are slashing .274/.333/.419 against Perez. All five extra-base hits allowed by Perez over his 33.1 innings have been to LHBs.

    Denard Span, OF, at TB (Ramirez), $3100: Span is 8-for-23 over his last five games with two walks, three steals and four runs scored. He's slashing a ridiculous .343/.384/.530 against RHPs this year, so Erasmo (4.96 ERA) shouldn't pose an impossible problem.

  • Daily Dime: Gordon, Plouffe, Span, plus various Bucs and Rays

    Andy Behrens at Roto Arcade 1 mth ago

    We have a big a batch of aces in play on Friday — Kershaw, Bumgarner, Felix, et al — so it's unlikely many of you will be choosing pitchers from the discount rack. Thus, we focus on hitting bargains today. Let's get to it...

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    Dee Gordon, 2B, vs. Col (Kendrick), $3200 at FanDuel: OK, so Gordon is not exactly on fire at the plate — he's 1-for-13 in his last three — but he's still slashing .356/.381/.421 with 20 steals. On Friday, he'll face a right-hander with a 5.08 xFIP and tragically low strikeout rate (4.44 K/9). This is a multi-hit setup for Gordon. He should feast against Kendrick, and you can't argue with the price.

    Denard Span, OF, at Mil (Fiers), $3000: Span has delivered back-to-back three-hit performances, and Milwaukee starter Mike Fiers has been nothin' special (1.55 WHIP). Over the past week, Span has battled back spasms, but those issues appear to be gone. He's setting the table for Rendon and Harper, so his run-scoring potential is significant.