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  • Mexican fans create ‘Flopping Robben’ piñata

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

    Fans of El Tri can now take out their anger over Netherlands forward Arjen Robben’s controversial foul by beating him … and getting candy.

    It’s no secret that Mexico fans blame the elimination of their national team on the Dutch striker who drew the foul that awarded the Netherlands a penalty kick in the dying moments of regular time in the Round of 16 match between the two.

    And if World Cup spectators thought that holding up signs during Netherlands matches, memes inspired by Robben’s less-then-graceful fall and a hashtag that can be seen around the world weren't enough, Mexico has taken grudge to a whole new level by designing an Arjen Robben piñata.

    Now, for a small price, fans of all ages will have the ideal item to release any future anger toward Robben that should arise. Fun for any occasion.

  • Barcelona jerseys with Suarez name already out

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Luis Suarez might not have officially signed the papers to represent Barcelona yet but that hasn't stopped the big Spanish club from releasing jerseys already bearing the Uruguayan's name.

    New photos have been leaked and gone viral of a sporting goods store apparently selling jerseys with the name Suarez on the back.

    Luis Suarez Barcelona shirts go on sale despite him still being a Liverpool player

    There have been multiple rumors tying Suarez with a possible move from Liverpool to Barcelona, and the fact that the club praised the player for apologizing for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the group stage match between Uruguay and Italy showed more evidence of a possible move.

  • Colombia national team returns home to open arms

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Colombia might have lost to Brazil on Friday, but the team was given a reception worthy of champions as a grateful nation applauded the tenacity and strength (and great dance moves) that caught the world's attention during its historic run to the quarterfinals.

    With strong performances and great wins throughout all its group stage matches, Colombia proved to be a powerful force. Players like James Rodriguez and Juan Cuardado stood out during the tournament, making themselves household names.

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    Gracias a todos , me siento muy orgulloso de ser COLOMBIANO.

  • Maradona angry at officials in Brazil-Colombia game

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    He’s at it again.

    Former Argentina star Diego Maradona criticized FIFA yet again for its stance on referees following the quarterfinal match between Brazil and Colombia, which saw the latter team eliminated 2-1.

    The foul-ridden game inspired Maradona's rant on his TV show, “De Zurda." The Argentine legend linked referee Velasco Carballo, who called a very poor game, with an alleged plan from FIFA to help the host nation advance to the semifinals. According to this conspiracy theory, FIFA wants Brazil to win their sixth championship at all costs.

    [Video: Brazil impressive win over Colombia]

    ”I think they made a great choice with the referee, especially in those crucial moments when Colombia had the better chance in winning the game,” the former World Cup champion said.

    Discussing Rodriguez's yellow card, Maradona was surprised by the referee’s decision.

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  • Freeway overpass collapses in Brazil

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    A freeway overpass has collapsed in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil – about six miles from Cidade de Galo, where Argentina has its main training camp.

    Brazilian officials dealing with the incident have stated that one car, two construction trucks and one communter bus carrying 13 people were trapped under the overpass. The woman driving the commuter bus died in the collapse, Capt. Federico Pascual of the Belo Horizonte fire department told The Associated Press.

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    A member of the mayor's office told The AP that a second victim also died.

    The project commenced about one year ago but did not meet its deadline. The overpass runs over Avenida Pedro l, which is the main way to access the city's World Cup stadium.

  • Maradona: ‘This can’t be Team Messi’

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Like the quipping of Landon Donovan after every U.S. World Cup match, viewers can hear Diego Maradona discussing Argentina’s matches every night on his program “De Zurda” with Victor Hugo Morales on the channel Telesur on Argentinian television.

    The match against Switzerland left Maradona unimpressed, and the former World Cup champion had no problem voicing his opinions on a number of players, including Messi and Di Maria. He even asked for the removal of Pipita Higuain. As part of his duties as a commentator, Maradona added his thoughts on Argentina’s next opponent, Belgium.

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    Here are some of the excerpts from his show:

    On Mascherano: “He is a superb player. He has shown great physical abilities and has communicated a lot with Messi… I’m very impressed.”

  • Tim Howard receives global recognition

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Tim Howard’s performance against the Belgium side influenced memes and tweets alike. But aside from the joking and the sadness of being eliminated (that was hidden underneath the joking), was universal recognition of the talent that Howard possesses.

    [Photos: Tim Howard's amazing game]

    The 35-year-old keeper made an impressive 16 saves during the game – the most from any keeper in World Cup history. His singularity quickly became apparent as ball after ball got past the other ten American players and Belgium was finally able to put one in the back of the net at the third minute of extra time.

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  • Angry Mexico fan mistakes Van Persie for Robben, calls him “cheat”

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Arjen Robben’s alleged flop will go down as an infamous move that left all Mexico fans silently stunned. The quick decision made by the Dutch striker as he was challenged by Rafael Marquez awarded his team a penalty kick in the last three minutes of the game and ultimately gave the Dutch the win.

    It was a victory that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths, considering Robben has a history of faking fouls in order to have calls made in his favor. Robben admitted to taking a few dives at the beginning of the match, but claims the one that gave the Netherlands the penalty kick was legitimately a foul.

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    Still, many are skeptical on the matter – especially Mexico fans. And while many supporters of ‘El Tri’ are silently muttering Robben’s name in their nightmares, one fan decided to take out his anger publicly… on Van Persie.

  • Di Maria goal sparks explosive celebrations

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    Argentina beat Switzerland, advancing to the quarterfinals thanks to a late goal during extra time in the 118th minute by Angel Dí María.

    And while fans within the stadium were celebrating and going crazy over the winning goal, nothing compared to the explosion that took over the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires, when the late goal was delivered.

    The goal stopped Argentina from having to go to penalties against the Swiss team and allowed it to move on to the quarterfinals, where it will meet Belgium on Saturday. 

    [Video: Wondowloski laments stoppage time miss]

    As if the celebrations at home were not enough to show you passion, hear how emotional one announcer got when Argentina scored.

    Given all this passion, it’s not that hard to imagine what will happen should La Albiceleste  win on Saturday.

  • The nation is ready for USA v. Belgium

    Amy Lopez at Dirty Tackle 5 mths ago

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    The U.S. men’s soccer team has impressed so far in the World Cup. They not only got out of the “Group of Death” to advance to the Round of 16; they did so with moments of skill and plenty of tenacity – gathering fans along the way.

    Even the President of the United States.

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    Yes, it appears that President Obama has been bitten by the World Cup bug (no, not Luis Suarez) and is making sure that everyone knows about it - he recently started a cabinet meeting by mentioning the team and declaring, “Go Team USA.”

    The stakes are so high even Belgium's Prime Minister has placed a wager on the game, probably following the sudden proposed boycott of Belgium waffles in the United States.

    Even newspapers are getting in on the hype.