• New Delhi Attack: The Victim's Story

    By Krishna Pokharel, Saurabh Chaturvedi, Vibhuti Agarwal and Tripti Lahiri | The Wall Street Journal at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    By Krishna Pokharel, Saurabh Chaturvedi, Vibhuti Agarwal and Tripti Lahiri | The Wall Street Journal

    It was early afternoon just before Christmas in India's capital, and a young woman spoke to her friend on the phone, eager to get together.

    "Wake up, wake up," she told him. "It's already very late — 1 o'clock."

    The two agreed to meet. And so began an innocent outing that set in motion a killing that would horrify the world.

    The two met at Select Citywalk, a trendy mall where New Delhi's 20-somethings gather to spend pocket change and enjoy a small taste of the glamour promised by India's economic rise. The young woman—her family's nickname for her was "Bitiya," which means daughter—admired a long coat in a shop window, her friend said in an interview. He thought he would like to buy it for her later. Then, they took in a movie, "Life of Pi," sitting in the same seats where, on an earlier visit, they had watched "Gulliver's Travels" together.

    A lawyer for the accused couldn't be reached.

    "A lot of people struggle to get this physique," she responded.

  • Top News Stories: #3 Hurricane Sandy

    Ron Recinto at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    Hurricane Sandy crashed into the Eastern Seaboard on Oct. 29, killing at least 128 people and leaving more than $71 billion worth of destruction in its wake.

    Sandy was dubbed a superstorm as it continued its progression over the East Coast. The torrential wind and rain knocked out power to some parts of New York City, leaving homes and businesses in the dark for days and blacking out half the nighttime skyline of Manhattan.

  • Top News Stories: #5 Trayvon Martin case

    Ron Recinto at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    A chance-encounter killing caught the country's attention when George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, allegedly followed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a black teenager in a hooded sweatshirt, walking in a gated community in Sanford, Fla. After a call to a 911 operator, who advised Zimmerman to wait for police, he instead confronted the unarmed teen. Within minutes, Trayvon was dead.

    A charge might not have been filed, but Trayvon's parents made the case public by filing a petition through Change.org, asking that charges be brought.

    Many showed support for Trayvon by wearing hoodies over their heads. Others organized a Million Hoodie March.

  • Top News Stories: #7 Jerry Sandusky trial

    Ron Recinto at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    Several high-profile cases of child molestation came to light in 2012. In one case, a high-ranking Catholic cleric was given a prison sentence for turning a blind eye to priests' abuse (in a prelude to the trial of the alleged molesters). And the Boy Scouts were ordered to release hundreds of so-called perversion files.

  • Top News Stories: #10 Miami cannibal attack

    Ron Recinto at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    A series of bizarre killings, led by the so-called Miami cannibal attack on May 26, triggered an outbreak of searches such as "zombie apocalypse." The story of Ronald Poppo, a South Florida homeless man, generated lurid attention for days because his attacker, Rudy Eugene, was nude when he attacked Poppo by chewing off much of his face. A police officer shot and killed Eugene, and no motive has surfaced.

    Speculation ran high that inexpensive synthetic drugs, or "bath salts," were involved, but an autopsy revealed that was not the case. Poppo shockingly survived and has even given interviews about his attack, telling a Miami TV station, "He just ripped me to ribbons."

  • Top News Stories: #2 Whitney Houston

    Ron Recinto at Yahoo News 3 yrs ago

    Legendary singer and actress Whitney Houston was found dead on Feb. 11 in a Beverly Hills hotel.

    Tragically, the singer had just talked about overcoming her much-publicized struggle with drugs and alcohol. The movie in which she made her big-screen comeback, "Sparkle," was released after her death. Her funeral was attended by celebrities and dignitaries and broadcast to millions around the world.

    News of Houston's death quickly spread through social media sites. Mediabistro noted the following: "On Twitter, hashtags related to Houston and her name itself dominated the trending topics. YouTube's News channel featured her videos. Fan pages were created on Facebook."