• Sponsors dumping Ryan Lochte was a smart business move, but not for the reason most people think

    On Monday, Ryan Lochte's bizarre robbery story during the Rio Olympics seemingly hit rock bottom...

    Business Insider
  • Michigan loses 4-star commit after spelling his name wrong

    Michigan sent the wrong letter to Aubrey Solomon, and then spelled his name wrong.

    Sporting News
  • Madden trolls Dez Bryant over his 90 rating

    Madden 17 is out in stores today, which means it's something of a national holiday for 14 year old boys who insist on going for it on every fourth down. The post Madden trolls Dez Bryant over his 90 rating appeared first on Cover32.

  • An Exhausted Conor McGregor In His Underwear May Be The Most Awkward Fan Photo Ever

    Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fought (almost) non-stop for 25 minutes at UFC 202. As we saw after the fight, Conor McGregor’s leg was busted up from throwing so many leg kicks, and needed crutches to make his way around the bowels of the arena. Was this your only chance to take a picture (a non-fist…

  • LeBron James Finally Explained The Real Reason He Wore That Ultimate Warrior T-Shirt

    It’s no secret how big of a wrestling fan LeBron James is. The reigning Finals MVP has previously posted his best The Rock impression to social media, wore an Undertaker shirt to practice during the Finals, and perhaps most famously, returned to Cleveland after winning the championship sporting an…

  • What If The 2016-17 Chicago Bulls Are Actually Kind Of Good?

    The 2016-17 Chicago Bulls are a big bag of question marks and potentially fast-ticking time bombs. After signing Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo in July — two ball-dominant stars staring down the barrel of their thirties without their former athleticism — to then put around franchise player Jimmy…

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    Conor McGregor given six-month medical suspension after UFC 202

    Conor McGregor has been given a six-month medical suspension following his win over Nate Diaz at UFC 202, according to documents obtained by MMA Junkie.

    Sports Illustrated
  • Brock Lesnar Has Been Temporarily Suspended From The UFC

    It’s only a formality at this point and could get overturned as soon as the investigation is over, but for now, Brock Lesnar has been suspended from MMA fights as a result of his two recent drug failures surrounding his UFC 200 return. Brock Lesnar has been temporarily suspended for his two UFC 200…

  • Should Broncos really bring back Peyton Manning?

    The Denver Broncos quarterback situation is in tough shape. Could John Elway bring back an old friend? The post Should Broncos really bring back Peyton Manning? appeared first on Cover32.

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    The Top 10 Instagram Posts From Rio 2016 (4 photos)

    From Usain Bolt's signature pose to Simone Biles' smooch from Zac Efron, here are the most-liked photos on Instagram from Olympic athletes. From Town & Country

    Town & Country
  • Report: Edwin Encarnacion accused of knowingly giving STDs to partner in $11.5M lawsuit

    A woman said she tested positive for two unspecified STDs after having unprotected sex with Edwin Encarnacion, TMZ Sports reported.

    Sporting News
  • Aly Raisman Agrees to Date With Raiders Tight End Colton Underwood

    Apparently mixing gymnastics and football, as she’s recently agreed to go on a double date with Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, and his teammate Andrew East who is married to fellow Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson. Raisman is definitely up to it. Lucky for Underwood, Raisman is scheduled to visit…

  • Dwight Gooden bashes 'Lucifer' Darryl Strawberry: 'He was never there for me'

    Dwight Gooden on relationship with Darryl Strawberry: "While I was there for him, he obviously was never there for me."

    Sporting News
  • Mysterious sale at horse auction sparks scandal in Poland

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Anette Mattsson had bid 200,000 euros ($226,500) for a prized gray Arabian mare but soon stopped. With the price rising rapidly and no sign of other bidders, she sensed that something strange was going on at the annual Pride of Poland sale on Aug. 14.

    Associated Press
  • The Seahawks have two Russell Wilsons now

    For a long time the Seattle Seahawks were satisfied with veteran Tarvaris Jackon as their backup quarterback behind Russell Wilson.... The post The Seahawks have two Russell Wilsons now appeared first on Cover32.

  • Reggie Nelson brings new attitude and new value to Jack Del Rio

    Reggie Nelson is a whole different person in his second stint with Jack Del RIo, and that's a good thing. The post Reggie Nelson brings new attitude and new value to Jack Del Rio appeared first on Cover32.

  • Demaryius Thomas has ultimate comeback for Josh Norman's talk

    Josh Norman plans to say whatever he wants this season, but the NFL receivers he talks about aren’t going to quietly take his trash talk. Norman said a lot of things in an ESPN the Magazine piece this week, and he talked about how he shut down Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas in Super Bowl…

    Shutdown Corner